Prevention of corruption is one of the key tasks of the authorities

Prevention of corruption is one of the key tasks of the authorities

07 June 2019


The prevention of corruption discussed in the city Administration of Rostov-on-don at the meeting of the Commission to coordinate the work on combating corruption in the city, which was chaired by the acting head of the Administration of the don capital Alexey Logvinenko.


In the course of the meeting were raised and presented two issues: measures taken to prevent corruption in construction of objects of individual housing construction and houses in Railway, October, Voroshilov areas of the city, and on the organization of work on prevention of corruption offenses in the municipal establishments of social sphere.


On the first issue reported the head of the Railway administrations of October and Voroshilovsky districts. Recall that in accordance with the changes in urban planning laws, which came into force on 4 August 2018, and the construction of individual housing construction and houses, as well as their commissioning is carried out on the basis of the notification of intended construction, of compliance specified in the notice of object parameters the set parameters, a notification of completion of construction, the conformity of the constructed or reconstructed objects to the requirements of the legislation on town-planning.


In particular, heads of districts, told how were issuing notices about the planned construction who oversees this work, with the aim of preventing corruption in the construction sector.


On prevention of corruption offenses in the social sphere, said the head of the city Department for social protection of the population Irina Shuvalova. She noted that work on the prevention of corruption offenses in the municipal establishments of social sphere is carried out in three main directions: the implementation of restrictive measures; the performance of control functions; implementation of preventive measures.

Thus, the restrictive measures include strict adherence to regulatory framework. Currently, the Department updated and used 7 of administrative regulations in the sector "Social protection". Minimize the risk of corruption also contributes to the introduction of such forms of interaction between citizens and officials, which eliminates the need for personal interaction of officials with citizens and organisations on the principle of "one window".

Irina Shuvalov added that under the special administrative control of activity of establishments of social protection of the population is the realm of procurement. Minimization of corruption risks is achieved through maximum openness and transparency of procedures.

In the execution of control functions is accomplished by monitoring the presence of employees personal interest in the performance of official duties that causes or may cause a conflict of interest, as well as a hidden affiliation.

In the framework of the implementation of preventive measures in job descriptions and contracts of employment of heads of social protection institutions are made responsible for the condition of anti-corruption work assigned responsible for working on implementation of anti-corruption legislation.

In addition, each social service institution designed by local acts, approving the anti-corruption policy Institutions, procedures for the notification of conflict of interest and inducement to corruption offences, the code of ethics and business conduct for employees.

Serious attention is also paid to improving the level of knowledge of municipal officials, studying normative legal acts regulating anti-corruption activities.

In the premises, where on a regular basis is the interaction between the employees of subordinate agencies, citizens and organizations located visual materials about the inadmissibility of corruption, the procedures for the notification of cases of inducement to commit them, the prohibitions and restrictions related to the passage of the municipal service.


- It is necessary to build a clear and systematic work to fight corruption and phenomena in every area of our work in all structural and functional units of the city Administration. Our key objective is to provide transparent and clear to citizens the work of the government. Comfort and availability of services to artists is our priority - summed up the meeting the acting head of the city Administration of Rostov-on-don Alexey Logvinenko.