Collective agreements, workers ' health and recreation of children on the agenda of the city trilateral Commission for regulating social – labour relations

Collective agreements, workers ' health and recreation of children on the agenda of the city trilateral Commission for regulating social – labour relations

07 June 2019

Under the chairmanship of the Deputy head of the city Administration in Economics Svetlana Kambelovac regular meeting of the tripartite Commission on regulation of social – labor relations in the city of Rostov-on-don.

The meeting was attended by the parties of social partnership from the city Administration, trade unions and employers.


Before beginning of the event were awarded the winners of the municipal competition "the Collective agreement – the basis of production efficiency and protection of social and labor rights of workers" 2019.

The competition was held in Rostov-on-don for the second time to promote and enhance the role of collective bargaining as an effective instrument of regulation of social-labor relations in enterprises and organizations.

The winners of the competition in 2019 are recognized:

In the nomination "Best collective agreement" (the category of large and medium-sized companies):

First place – Municipal budgetary healthcare institution "City polyclinic № 4 of the city of Rostov-on-don";

Second place – "the Rostov city electric networks" branch of open joint stock company "Donenergo";

Third place was shared by two organizations:

Joint – stock company "Vodokanal";

Public joint – stock company "TNS Energo Rostov-on-don".


In the nomination "Best collective agreement" (category small companies):

First place – Private institution of additional professional education "interregional corporate training center "Energetik";

Second place – Municipal budgetary institution of additional education of the city of Rostov-on-don "Detsko-youthful sports school № 9";

Third place – Municipal budgetary preschool educational institution of the city of Rostov-on-don "kindergarten № 48".

In addition, for participation in the competition by letters of thanks were awarded to:

Municipal budgetary preschool educational institution of the city of Rostov-on-don "kindergarten № 75";

- Municipal state institution "Management of an accomplishment of Lenin area of Rostov-on-don".


- Our task is to ensure the coverage of collective-contractual regulation of at least 71% of the existing organizations of the city. The law does not imply a "duty" to enter into collective agreements, if none of the parties has taken the initiative to conclude a collective agreement, no one can compel them to do so.

Therefore, to attract enterprises to the conclusion of collective agreements, we need to extend the positive experience that exists today, including the experience of the winners.

In the framework of the joint work we have to inform employers and employees, to explain the positive aspects and the existing benefits for both sides, addressed the participants of Svetlana Kamburova.


On the organization of work on increase of the control value and specific weight (percent) operating companies covered by collective-contractual regulation, informed the Deputy Chairman of the Union of Organizations of trade Unions "Federation of trade Unions of the Rostov Region" Andrey Salov. According to him, development of social partnership is very important to ensure the creation of new primary trade-Union organizations at the enterprises, including small businesses.

- Work in this direction is actively conducted by the Federation of trade Unions of the Rostov Region and its member organizations. We provide a comprehensive methodological and legal support staff in the creation of primary trade-Union organizations, organize visits to enterprises, - said Andrei Salov.

In his speech, the Deputy Chairman of the Association of employers "Council of Directors of enterprises and organizations of the city Rostov-on-don" Valentine Galadzhev expressed willingness on behalf of employers to participate in joint efforts to promote the collective agreement and noted the positive side for employers, if available, including the possibility of optimization of profit tax.


One of the items of the agenda was the question of maintaining the health of the Rostov. The work in the city as part of the health campaign, "New Rostov - healthy growth" informed the head of the health Department of the city of Hope Levitskaya.

As mentioned, currently the healthcare system of the city the main emphasis is on work with the population of working age in enterprises, aimed at identification of disease and risk factors, and medical organizations with the population over working age, which in medical organizations planned opening of geriatric clinics. In addition, regular string-examination of Rostov.

As a positive example, she said such organizations as JSC "Rostov port", OOO "Ross-Diesel", of OPRC JSC "TFK "KAMAZ", FSUE "Rostov prosthetic-orthopedic enterprise", an "Domian", Bank "VTB" and others.


Also at the meeting was discussed the organization of rest and improvement of children. Deputy Director of the Department of social protection of the population of the city of Rostov-on-don Tatiana Karaseva said that in the summer health campaign for children and adolescents in 2019 allocated 296,2 million and coverage of all forms of rest and recovery will be at least 95% of children.

Summing up the meeting, the Deputy mayor for economy, stressed the social importance raised in the course of the meeting issues and noted the need for joint efforts of the parties in the organization to work effectively.